Learn what goes on inside your dog’s mind and develop a positive, fulfilling relationship with your best friend.


In Cesar’s Way, Sesar Millan-nationally recognized dog expert and star of National Geographic Channel’s hit show Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan- helps you see the world through the eyes of your dog so you can finally eliminate problem behaviors. You’ll Learn: 

  • What your dog really needs may not be what you’re giving him

  • Why a dog’s natural pack instincts are the key to your happy relationship

  • How to relate to your dog on a canine level

  • There are no “problem breeds,” just problem owners

  • Why every dog needs a job

  • How to choose a dog who’s right for you and your family

  • The difference between discipline and punishment

  • And much more!

Filled with fascinating anecdotes about Cesar’s longtime clients , and including forwordsby the president of the International Association of Canine Professionals and jada Pinkett Smith, this is the only book you’ll need to forge a new, more rewarding connection with your four-legged companion.

Cesar’s Way The Natural, Everyday Guide to Understanding & Correcting Common Dog

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