Could Rachelle’s father really be an Indian? 

All her life, Rachelle Bailie has believed that her father was an English clergyman killed in an Indian attack. But her mother now confesses to Rachelle that her father, Jojag Bailie, still lives- and that Indian blood courses through his veins.
“Find your father,” her mother pleads from her deathbed. Intrigued by the story and deprecate to understand the truth, Rachelle agrees.


In her quest to locate Majog, she boards a ship bound for Boston, but the ship is attacked by the dread pirate Bettencourt. Finding herself face-to-face with the notorious renegade, Rachelle does the unthinkable...and finds herself caught up in an adventure beyond her wildest imagining.

Charles Towne (#5) by Angela Elwell Hunt

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  • Paperback