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Never Trust a Pirate.

The Blood Bell tolls, marking the death of the pirate king and the start of the Trials-a heart-stopping competition where the reward is the Bone Crown. Only one contender can claim the coveted island throwne; each will gamble life and limb to win.


Captain, Sister, Maiden

Csilla Abado yearns to prove her strength to the seasoned pirates who balk at her youth and to her elder sister who has always craved Csilla's captainship. ;She will risk everything to becoome the first pirate queen, no matter the cost.


Dealer, Son, Legacy

Kane fBlackwater watns to leave behind the dirty gold and shady trades he's made to keep his father's ship, the Iron Jewel, alive. The Trials represent a new beginning-yet rumors of a secret heir are swirling, threatening his hopes of becoming the pirate king. 


Stowaway. Daughter. Storm.

Lorelei Penny Longs for nothing ore than to avenge her mother's death. Stowing away on the Iron Jewel was supposed to get her closer to the killer, but instead she finds herself caught up in the deadly battle where loyalty and desire collide.



Cross Bones by Kimberly Vale

SKU: 1989365795NH
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