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Is it about the man...or the manor?


It's love at first sight for Lady Harriet Hamilton- love with Thomas Anson's ancestral home, that is. Thomas's father, the Earl of Lichfield, has gambled away the family's honor, and now i'ts cost them everything at Shugborough Hall. The estate sale is shameful enough for Thomas without some little brat sneaking around his property, but vivacious Harry has caught him sneaking around as well...


When they meet again years later, neither Harry nor Viscount Anson has forgotten their encounter. While Thomas has grown into the exact opposite of the reprobate father, Harry is outspoken, audacious, and now, Thomas must admit, quite a beauty. But he's committed to restoring the family holdings, not chasing after a wife. If only she wasn't hurtling herself against his principals- and having such a good time in doing it...

Dark Earl, The (#3) by Virginia Henley

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