The Decadent Duke (Book #1)

Lady Gerogina Gordon’s sisters have all married prominent dukes or earls, and much to her dismay, she’s expected to make an even better match. There is no shortage of suitors for the vivacious beauty, but Goeorgina refuses to marry a man who doesn’t stir her urgent passion. Unfortunately her mother has already set her sights on Francis Russel, the powerful Duke of bedford-a man who may be the most eligible bachelor in all of England but whose attraction completely eludes Georgina. Despite her staunchest efforts, an engagement with the Duke of Bedford may not be so easily avoided.


Scandal is sure to erupt, however, because Georgina is having trouble denying her desire for another man: John Russell, the duke’s dashing younger brother.


The Irish Duke (book #2)

Lady Louisa, young daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Bedford, scoffs when Lord Abercorn of Ireland, a child himself, first asks for her hand. The feisty black-haired beauty will have none of it. When a fortune-teller predicts she will know an intense and lifelong love, Louisa scoffs again. She will be, she affirms, the mistress of her own destiny-one as vivid and rich as the crimson red poppies that are her favorite.


Crimson is also the Abercorn ancestral color, and James Hamilton is heir to this Irish dynasty. He continues to yearn for elusive Lady Louisa, who is now abotu to make her debut. As the greatest young beauty in all of England, she is pursued by every titled bachelor in the land, but she refuses everyone, including the Irish lord. She will wear crimson, but not in the house of Abercorn- for, she insists, she will never marry.


Then a family scandal tests Louisa’s loyalty to herself against an even deeper allegiance-throwing her reluctantly into the arms of the Irish duke, and bringing consequences she never expected.


The Dark Earl (book #3)

Is it about the man...or the manor?

It’s love at first sight for Lady Hariet Hamilton- love with Thomas Anson’s ancestral home that is.Thomas’s father, the Earl of Lichfield, has gambled away the family’s honor and now it’s cost them everything at Shugborough Hall. The estate sale is shameful enough for Thomas without some little brat sneaking around his property, but the vivacious Harry has caught him sneaking around as well…


When they meet again years later, neither Harry norViscount Anson has forgotten their encounter. While Thmas has grown into the exact opposite of his reprobate father, Harry is outspoken, audacious, and now, Thmas must admit, quite a beauty. But he’s committed to restoring the family holdings, not chasing after a wife. If only she wasn’t hurling herself against his principles-and having such a good time doing it.

Decadent Duke Bundle (Books 1-3) by Virginia Henley

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