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Mal, Evie, Jay, and Carlos are the offspring of some of the cruelest, most eveil villains of all time-Maleficent, Evil Queen, Jafar and Crruella De Vil, to name names.


They've spent their whole lives on the  Isle of the Lost, a broken down place filled with the worst of the worst baddies, brutes, and lowlifes. But when Prince Ben, son of Belle and Beast, declares that the "innocent" children of the Isle of the Lost should be given a second chance, they're brought to live on Auradon with all the "good" folks. Little does Ben know that Mal and her friends have a sinister plot to take down his kingdom!


Watch out, come the Descendants!

Descendant: Novelization of the Disney Channel Original Movie

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  • Gently Loved

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