Inspired by books like E. Nesbit’s Shakspeare Stories adn BBC’s The Musketeers, S.G.D. Singh’s Dracula Retold takes Bram Stoker’s captivating tal of an un-dead count and those brave enough to challenge him, and brings it into the twenty-first century. 


Discover the world’s favorite vampire, whose fame has endured for more than a century and influenced countless films, novels, and art across the globe-or rediscover a favorite classic, and fall under the spell of this mesmerizing adventure all over again.


A young lawyer travels to Transylvania where he begins to doubt his own sanity and unwittingly helps to unleash an ancient evil across the sea and onto the teeming streets of London. A beloved and beautiful woman suffers from a puzzling illness, her blood mysteriously drained with each passing day. And a group of improbable heroes gather to hunt a vampire. But can they destroy the creature before it’s too late for us all?

Dracula Retold -SIGNED COPY by S.G.D. Singh

  • Paperback