Best of the West

A veteran trail driver, who has survived thundering stampedes and Comanche raides, discovers there’s nothing so dangerous as courting a beautiful woman...A brutally beaten homesteader crawls off to die- only to stumble upon an ancient talisman that restores his will to live...This treasure trove of stories captures the grit, grandeur, and glory of the men and women who wielded pistol and plow, Bible and branding iron, to tame a wild country. A mysterious preacher rides into town to deliver a warning that leads to a surprising revelation...and in the full-length novella Rustler roundup, the hardworking citizens of the law-abiding town are pushed to the edge as rumors of rustlers in their midst threaten to turn neighbor against neighbor. Each of these unforgettable tales bears the master’s touch-comic twists, stark realism, crackling suspense- all the elements that have made Louis L’Amour an American legend. 

End of the Drive stories by Louis L’Amour

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