Through famine holds her beloved Ireland in it’s deadly grip, young, innocent Kitty Rooney is a survivor. An exotic gypsy lass with cascading curls of ebony silk and eyes of brown velvet, Kitty vow that someday, somehow, the riches of the earth will be laid at her feet. Then Patrick O’Reily walks into her life, his eyes burning hungrily over her body, his lips promising her the world, making a woman of her in one sweet, scorching night.



With his towering wealth and devastating charm, O’Reilly offers Kitty her dream...but at too high a price. And when kitty flees, her trust in him shattered, she cannot erase the memory of Patrick’s bond strength, his knowing touch and she knows that she can never know true happiness-until she is once again in the arms of the reckless Irishman who first loved her as a woman…

Enticed by Virginia Henley

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  • Paperback

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