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For the first five decades of my life, Seung-Whan (Steven) Kim was a buisness man who pursued financial prosperity, while largely ignoring both his family and his commitment to God. But after moving to China and rededicating his life to Christ, this South Korean-turned-American citizen felt called by God to help North Korean refugees escape from Chinese enslavement. In 2003, he was arrested while leading a; prayer meeting of nine North Koreans in his apartment. 


Kim would spend the next four years in Chinese labor camp. Despite great hardship and suffering, he immersed himself in the scriptures and led fellow inmates, including a hardened murderer, and his prison guard to Christ. 


Since his release, Kim had been a powerful advocate for North Korean refugees in China, raising awareness about their light and fighting for their human rights.


Kim's story is thrilling, heartbreaking, and victorious. His life reminds us that God can use anyone in any circumstances to achieve great things for His Kingdom

Fearless Passage of Steven Kim-SIGNED COPY- by Carl Herzig with Steven Kim

SKU: 9781603747295
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