Alina’s life is a disaster.


As if losing her job at Flash Communications wasn’t bad enough, Alina Marlow’s expert help has been promised to the last person she expected to see- her one-time fiance, Ryan Erikson.  Her heart never let him go, but the secret that forced her to break their engagement six years ago remains.


Ryan Erikson knows his work is of a delicate nature-downsizing and transitioning a family-owned company into a larger corporation. He’ll need patience, and lots of it, to handle bitter employees and Alina- the woman he’s loved for eight years. She seems as determined as the persistent Ohio rain to douse any future for them.


As threatening floodwaters rise, can the Lord rescue Alina and Ryan-physically and romantically? Or will the past drown the fragile love that remains?

Flash Flood by Diann Mills

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  • Paperback