Oops! Food Surprises by Doris Licameli

Oops! Food Surprises 

Have you ever wondered who invented some of your favorite foods? This tells you about some tasty treats.

3.4 week 1

Benchmark  34

Lexile 680


 Plants you can Eat by Sandy MacKay

Explore the edible world of plants and learn about the health benefits of eating these delicious sources of food!

202 week 1

Fr. F

Benchmark 10

Lexile 380


Sprouts by Edel Wignell

Follow Jing as she starts at a new school and learn with her classmates as she teaches them how to grow sprouts and a number of yummy ways to enjoy them! 

2.1 week 1

Gr. J

Benchmark 18

Lexile 330



From farm to table Informational nonfiction bundle (3 books)

  • Paperback

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