Rosamund (Book #1)

Rosamund Bolton is the heiress to the manor of Friarsgate on the wild Cumbrain border between England and Scotland. More than a splendid inheritance, Friarsgate will chart the fate of the orphaned beauty widowed at a precious young age. It will take her from the treacherous custody of a devious uncle, sweeping her into the magnificent court of Elizabeth of York, into the confidence of Katherine of Aragon, and past the intimate chamber doors of a young, handsome Henry VIII. It’s an adventure that will test the limits of passion and betrayal, change the meaning of the word enemy, and turn even the most daring fantasy into true love….


Until You (Book #2)

Rosmund Bolton is determined to live her own life. She has claimed her inheritance, rejected her latest suitor-and decided to travel to the court of her dear friend Queen Margaret of Scotland. It is against this lavish and unpredictable backdrop that she will meet the man who will forever change her destiny. Patrick Leslie, the first Earl of Glenkirk, has a tragic past, but he brings to Rosamund a passion that few will ever know. And as war looms once more between England and Scotland, and Henry VIII seeks to make himself the most powerful monarch in all of Europe, Patrick and Rosamund will undertake a dangerous mission on behalf of King James IV- one that will test the very limits of their loyalty and the depths of their love…


Philippa (Book #3)

The fur has been flying at Friarsgate Manor ever since Philippa’s unhappy return from London. In truth, Rosamund Bolton is pleased her daughter is no longer engaged to the young fool who has, momentarily broken her heart. Rosamund knows her feisty daughter needs a man to tame her- like Crispin St. Clair, the Earl of Witton. When he offers his hand in marriage Philippa agrees, knowing that if nothing else, the marriage will bring her back to the royal court where she can once again attend Queen Katherine.


Imagine Philippa’s surprise to find that just a mere glance from her seductive husband is enough to glance from her deductive husband is enough to make her weak with desire. Crispin’s unbridled passion for his beautiful bride brings them both unimaginable please. But when Philippa stumble upon a plot to assassinate King Henry VIII, she stands to lose the love of her life. For Crispin must protect his the death.


Last Heiress, the (Book #4)

Elizabeth Meredith, the youngest daughter of Rosamund Bolton, is nothing like her sensible sisters. Impatient with fancy manners, the young beauty has shunned the royal court in favor of a quiet life at Friarsgate. But to protect the future of the land she loves, she must venture into the court of King Henry VIII to find a suitable husband.


Elisabeth soon scandalizes the court by forging a friendship with Anne Boleyn and flirting with Flynn Stewart, bastard brothers to King James V of Scotland. But, as she has always known, her fate lies back at Friarsgate, where a weakness for Scots sends her into the strong arms of Baen MacColl. Yet Elizabeth’s greatest passion is for her lands, and Baen’s loyalties may lie elsewhere. Can Elizabeth and Baen overcome the barriers threatening to separate them? And can Elizabeth, by following her heart, still protect Friarsgate?

Friarsgate series Bundle (books 1-4)

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