She can’t distract him. Not now!


What happens to car chief Lexie Mercer’s star driver? Kane Jackson used to be an untamed force. A winner. How he’s calm, composed-and apathetic. She can’t even pick a fight with him anymore! What’s worse, his lackluster mood is affecting his racing.


Then Kane does the unthinkable. He kisses Lexie, giving in to months of pent-up desire. How could this happen? Lexie is bossy, brainy..and exactly the woman to ignite his lost passion for winning.


But Lexie knows Kane’s got to stay focused on racing, despite his insistence that one night together will get her out of his system...and into Victory Lane.


It won’t work. It can’t work. Can it?

Full Throttle by Wendy Etherington

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  • Paperback