“This morning, “ King Charles said, yawning, “we are to seal the charter for the Hudson’s Bay adventures.” it is May the second, 1670. The long life of the Hudson’s Bay Company is about to begin. 


Hudson’s Bay means to you

-a blanket?

-A large, cold body of water up north?

-A Compony?


You’re right, Hudson’s Bay is the great Company that from the beginning has been wrapped up in the turbulent rivalries attendant on North America discovery and development. Now, after 300 years the wraps are off, to disclose THE GREAT FURR OPERA going on all this time, incidentally making history while making historic profits! 


Required by royal charter to open up the Northwest Passage, the Company has wildly succeeded at virtually everything else. It is the oldest continuing commercial entrerprise in the world, the original conglomerate, having diversified from furs and blankets into Scotch and Firewater., trading posts into chain stores, and in the meantime vast real estate operations from the Canadian Shield to the Mackenzie and Columbia River basin, in which latter area competition between “the path of empire”  and “manifest destiny” really made the fur fly.


Ronal Searle’s pictures and Kildare Dobbs’ narrative present a cheerful, irreverent, backstairs view of the Company’s unique association with the origins and history of Canady-dutifully recounting the facts but delightfully enlarging the record so that Indians, Eskimos and all North Americans can know how “the Honourable the Governor and Company of the Adventures of England Trading into Hudson’s Bay” really and truly behaved. 

The Great Fur Opera Annals of the Hudson’s Bay Company 1670-1970 by Ronald Searl

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