I knew something was there, watching me.

OUt in the Alaskan wilderness, where the trees grow thickest and the northern lights shine their brightest, a ghostly animal haunts the woods. Locals call it a phantom, a wraith or “The Shadow.”  Legend has it that the ghost has appeared again and again, for more years than any normal animal’s lifespan.


Twelve-year-old Tee didn’t think she believed in ghosts...until a walk in the woods around her new rural Alaskan home changes her mind. She and her beagle, Henry, are stalked by a wolfish,  decidedly spooky shadow. There’s something out there-and it’s not of this world.


With Henry and new friend Quin in tow, Tee is determined to capture evidence of the ghost and unravel the mystery of its origins. But with every sighting, the ghostly presence of the shadow seems to gain strength. This ghost dog may pose a real live threat-that is, unless Tee can stop it.

Legend of the Ghost Dog by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel

  • Paperback