Ghouls rule at Monster High!

It’s Rochelle Goyle, Venus McFlytrap and Rebecca Steam’s first day of skullastic studies at Monster High, the world-renowned school just for monsters. The girls become fast Goulfriends as they find their way from Ghoulish Literature to Mad Science, while making friends with Frankie Stein and frenemies with Cleo deNile.


The trio aren’t the only new ghouls at school-Dragon Whispering teacher Sylphia Flapper and her army of hallway patrolling trolls have joined the faculty. But when all the other students start acting as though Miss Flapper is the most Fang-tastic teacher ever, the three new GFFs uncover a plot to take over the school. It’s up to Rochelle, Venus and Rebecca to find enough ghoul spirit to save Monster High.

Ghoulfriends Forever by Gitty Danesshvari

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  • Hardcover