Goldilocks: “the other woman,” the intruder, the one who comes like a thief in the night, testing the chairs and the porridge and the beds. Sometimes she destroys a marriage. Sometimes she destroys much more.


In a stunning departure from his famous 87th Precinct, Ed McBain tell a powerful story of psychological warfare and human passion, of what happens to a marriage-and a family- when the fault lines crack open and erupt. At the novel’s core is a chilling, ingenious narrative ofmurder and detection, but in it’s layers of detail and character, its brilliant exploration of moral ambiguity, of what it means to be “the other woman,” as well as “the other man,” it becomes much more: a major novel of contemporary life by a master of his craft. 


Goldilocks is surprising, disturbing, enormously affecting- a story of husband, wife, parent, child, lover, with a resonance to our lives matched by few other novels of its day.

Goldilocks (#1) by Ed McBain

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