The Handy Garden Answer book

What could be simpler than planting a seed and watching it grow?

Who doesn’t appreciate the serene beauty of the garden? The cascade of seasonal color...the surprise of contrasting forms...the abundance of harvest. It all seems so magical…

If only it were that easy.

The real magic of a successful garden is in hiding the war that is constantly being waged with pests, disease, weather extremes, soil limitations, unwanted plants and hundreds of other problems that can turn your oasis of tranquility into chaos.


There’s no one answer to successful gardening, so we’re offering 500.


The Handy Garden Answer book is filled with practical tips and techniques that will help you become a better gardener. It’s handy subject arrangement and question-and-answer format is ideal for browsing or for finding the answer to your specific gardening problem fast.


A little seed, a little rain, a little sun…

So, if you’ve got enthusiasm but no experience, a thumb of any shade of green, a plot of land and a nurturing soul, the only thing you need to make your garden a success is The Handy Garden Answer Book.

Handy Garden Answer Book, The by Karen Troshynski-Thomas

  • Paperback