A friend of the Hardys wins a walk-on role in Warp Space, but sabotage puts the brothers in the spotlight!


A week on the set of the TV show should be a week of fun when Joe’s girlfriend, Iola, gets a walk on part in a new sci-fi series. Her brother, Chet, shows star quality when he gets to play the slayer form Sirius. The Hardys are there just to watch, but it isn’t long before they’re part of the action.


Warp Space has a lot of buzz, but its ratings are disappointing. The cast and crew seem desperate to see the show take off, but now it’s in danger of being canceled. Even worse, the accidents keep on coming, and they’re not special effects. Fires break out, a stunt mane is injured, and a stalker is trailing two of the actresses. Warp Space is about to take a permanent nosedive-unless Frank and Joe can blast it back into orbit!


Trouble in warp Space

Hardy Boys Trouble in Warm Space (#172) by Franklin W. Dixon

  • Paperback 

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