In today's world we are surrounded by noise. We are overwhelmed by the voices around us, whether they’re from our children, or friends, our spouses, or ourselves. Distracted by the sounds of others, we soon forget how to listen to the most important voice of all0the voice of God.


In this devotional, Joyce Meyer guides readers to a more intimate relationship with God, showing us how to cultivate qualities and behaviors that will help us recognize God’s voice. Each message is based upon teachings from three of her books, How to hear from God, Knowing God intimately and the power of simple Prayer.


This collection includes powerful meditations that will inspire and help you to: 

  • Make time for god

  • Discern His responses to prayer

  • Sustain relationships with others while developing your intimacy with God.


This book offer short, empowering reminders of how to reconnect with his plan and persevere through common obstacles ranging from fighting temptation at the mall to overcoming deeply held grudges. With daily readings that reinforce the power of peace, patience, obedience and love, Joyce Meyer provides strategies for opening ourselves to His wisdom by first opening our ears. 


Whether preparing for a new day or reflecting on a day past, you too can hear from God.

Hearing from God each morning 365 devotions by Joyce Meyer

  • Hardback