As fierce and indomitable as any man, Isabelle of Langston rules the family lands with an iron hand after her father’s death. But the brazen beauty meets her match in Hugh Fauconier Langston Keep. By the King’s hand he is made her husband. Hugh’s virile prowess reveals to belle the delicious pleasures of the flesh, as their turbulent days of verbal sparring melt into nights of erotic abandon.


But a trecherous plot enslaves Hugh to the evil Vivienne d’Bretagne, a sourceress whose sex magic is as pwerful as it is dark. Belle storms the castle lair where her husband is enchanted, only to be rendered helpless by the twisted passion of Vivienne’s brother, Guy. And now she must remain his love slave until she can find a way to free her beloved Hugh.

Hellion by Bertrice Small

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  • Hard Back