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At the Stroke of Midnight…


It’s New Year’s Eve, and there are five fortunes sitting at the bar-five single, way-too-handsome Fortunes dressed in wedding attire. It’s enough to make any girl start thinking wistful thoughts-especially about sexy Wyatt Fortune. Still, Sarah-Jane Early doesn’t bother to fantasize. There’s no way wealthy, charismatic Wyatt would be interested in her. 


Wyatt Fortune is ready for a new year with a clean slate. After some shocking family news, he has vowed to sever all ties and start over in Red Rock, Texas. The beautiful young woman at the bar-Savannah, she tells him- is nothing more than a momentary division. But could this be a moment that leads to a lifetime?

Her New Year’s Fortune by Allison Leigh

SKU: 9781335680457UP
  • Paperback

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