She yearned to escape the painful reminders of the life she had forsaken…


Her dreams shattered in a whispered betrayal, Rachel Taylor looked to a future in the West, where she could separate from the memories and longings of her heart. When a new luxurious resort opens in New Mexico, Rachel’s years of hard work and dedication with the Harvey House restaurants help her obtain the coveted position of house manager. Her initial excitement dims, however, when she discovers she will be working with Braeden Parker, the man her heart refuses to forget.


As rachel struggles wtih the conflicting emotions Braeden’s presence creates, a deceptive rival enters in the form of Ivy Brooks, a cunning Harvey Girl whose family connections conveniently protect her. Seemingly untouchable, Ivy’s selfish ambition threatens the tenuous bond developing between Rachel and Braeden-forcing Rachel to embrace her faith and renew the fragmented trust of her past.

Hidden in a Whisper (#2) Tracie Peterson

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  • Paperback

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