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Lady Marsi Cargill reuses to marry a man who wants her land rather than her love. To escape lineage and accompanies her young cousin- the future King of Scots- on a secret journey across the Highlands. Their guide is a mysterious knight known only as Hawk. Heat flares between the beautiful maid and the brooding warrior, but when Marsi's true identity is revealed, Hawk's desire gives way to fury...


Summoned by the King to guard his son, Sir Ivor "Hawk" Mackintosh now has two royals to protect. This daring, willful woman has invaded Hawk's every thought and laid siege to his heart. Soon the solitary soldier is yearning for  a life with Marsi at his side and in his bed. But as their passion grows, so too does the danger surrounding them. Powerful enemies watch their every move, and to survive, Hawk and Marsi must fight for Sotland's future- as well as their own new-found love.

Highland Hero (#1) by Amanda Scott

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