Want to save time, money and energy? Here are hints to make your life easier.

You may not need HUNDREDS of time saving hints to make life easier, but if we didn’t print so many, we might not have included the ONE hint you desperately did need. 


Even if you bought this book just to find out how to remove a stubborn stain, we’re sure you’ll discover dozens of quick and clever ways to solve everyday problems. Some hints are “as old as the hills”, others were discovered only yesterday in homes just like yours...what they all have in common, is that they really work.


If a hint tells how to do the job quicker, easier, for less money or suggests a simple substitute for a store-bought, we’ll print it. Do-it-yourself tips are also high on our list as are safety related items. Did you know that the electricity left in your vacuum cleaner cord when you unplug it can light up a light bulb? 


In this issue, we’ve collected such diverse wisdom from veterinarians (how to prevent a hamster from drowning), professional chefs (how to make whip cream ahead of time) and nursery school teachers (ways to teach your child good table manners). 


Do you know why smart homemakers save apple skins? If you don’t, you could be missing out on one of life’s amazing secrets! So, read on, you’ll discover simple solutions to some really tough problems. 


Barbara Jacksier

Households HINTS Vol. 4 No. 5 FALL 1986

SKU: SHB1598
  • Paperback

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