Eleanore of Ashlin had promised her life to God-until fate intervened. With her brother’s untimely death, Eleanore becomes the heiress of an estate vital to England’s defenses. Now she is ordered by royal command to wed one of the king’s knights rather then take her final vows. With a resistant heart, but ever obedient to King Stephen’s will, she complies.


Anulf de Glandeville is all too aware that his innocent bride wants no man; yet his patience, gentle hand, and growing love for his spirited young wife soon awaken Eleanore to passions she never knew. But their love will soon be threatened by a depraved woman who will put Eleanore’s life in jeopardy- and the young bride’s love to its greatest test...

Innocent, the by Virginia Henley

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  • Paperback

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