The Spitfire

A dress designer for Queen Elizabeth, Catherine Seton Spencoe is cursed- or is it blessed?- with unbound impulsiveness. Secretly venturing into the heady streets of London, she casts off the reins of property in a search for excitement and true love. Little does Cat know hat her bold curiosity will lead her to the man destined to claim her…


The Savage

Rough hewn and roguish, Patrick Hepburn, Lord Stwart of Scotland, is a man of strength and cunning. Possessing the gift of foresight, he tells the ambitious King james that the throne of England will be his. As a reward, the king promises him a wealthy bride to help him regain his family fortune, and sends him to London as an emissary to the court-where he finds the beauty who has haunted his visions.


The Stratagem

Divided by loyalties and society, but mound by a desire that drives them into each other’s arms, Cat and Patrick find themnse;lves in an intricate web of deceit and danger that threatens to tolle the throne-and tear the lovers apart...

Insatiable by Bertrice Small

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