Ireland for Beginners

For anyone who has yet to be confused about the Emerald Isle and ALL Things Hibernian, Ireland for Beginners will come as a welcome relief. Sending up the traditional expectations of shamrocks, saints and shebeens, this book refreshes the parts most stouts cannot reach. Ireland for Beginners is an essential and seminal work on the country, its people and it’s traditions and must be purchased by any visitor who does not realise Malin Head, Ireland’s most northerly point, is in the south and the South Down is in Northern Ireland. Above all, Ireland for Beginners is a work of authority. Published in Scotland, written by an Englishman living on the Isle of Wight, it deserves to be.


Rupert Besley is best known for his postcard series detailing the horrors of holiday-making under British skies. He has contributed to Private Eye, the Guardian and the late-lamented Punch. Thousands of visitors to Scotland each year are tickled tartan by this book’s bestselling sister publication, Scotland for Beginners.

Ireland for Beginners by Rupert Besley

  • Hardback