All four of them turned up at the Memorial Field in Baldwin-Rachel with harold and Kenny with phil. In the heat and craziness of the Fourth of July, the combination was dynamite.


Kenny wished he’d never seen Rachel through the crowd. She was so beautiful, but she looked right past him in the bright sun, as if their sophomore year together hadn’t happened. Then she was dancing with Harold! And Phil was laughing, egging Kenny on, in command...or maybe it wasn’t happening.


Once Kenny woke up to himself the fireworks were over. They’d been all his. And Harold had disappeared from sight-Harold, who Rachel and Kenny had drawn into the world after he’d vegetated for years in an institution for the retarded: Harold, whose life had made love happen, whose exsistance now made everything explode...or matter differently. 


The currents of love touch Rachel and Kenny, Harold and Phil-life them, fill them, engulf them and leave them changed- in novelist Emily Hanlon’s hands.


It’s too late for sorry A novel by Emily Hanlon

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