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Members of the Colebridge community gather together once again as Anne Brown Dickson, along with her family and friends become steeped in the writings of Jane Austen.


A new year begins for newlywed Anne Brown Kickson as she navigates life with her husband who is facing serious heart issues.  Anne, the owner of the local flower shop, encouters her share of challenges as she tries to juggle many responsibilities and keep up with the goings on in her family and comunity. In addition to the Jane Austen Literacy Club that Anne already enjoys, a community group has begun to create a Jane Austen quilt- with each member interpretation of Jane. When the completed quilt is entered into an international quilt competition and then mysteryiously disappears, the community is in an uproar.

Jane Austen Quilt Club (#4) by Ann Hazelwood

SKU: 97816040601305UP
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