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With his father dead and his mother in Frane, Patrick Leslie, Duke of Glenkirk, discoers the obligations of the estate and it's people are now his alone. But during a day of hunting, a chance meeting ensures that he will not be alone much longer, for to ob tainthe deserted castle and lands adjoinint his, Patrick must agree to take something else, as well-a bride.


Flanna Brodie, heiress to Brae, is as vibrant and beautiful as the Scottiesh countryside, and just as wild. SHe wants no man- only her freedom. But the passions Ptrik awakens in her run deeper then those of the flesh. The independent Flanna is determained to champion the royal Stuarts's cause, and restore Charles II to his thrown despite her husband's objections. Patrick knows the dangers of such political intrigues: that the stuarts have always brought misfortune to the Leslies of Glenkirk, and that a roguish king will ask far more of the naive duchess than a simple vow of fealty- forcing Patrick and Flanna to hoose between the threat of wounded pride, and the promise of lasting love both secretly yearn for...

Just Beyond Tomorrow (#5) by Bertrice Small

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