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Nothing is as fun as snow, except maybe all the craziness happening right outside this little boy's window! Will he even notice?


When the forecast calls for snow, one little boy is thrilled. He keeps peeking outside to see if it's snowing - but he only looks up! His single-minded focus on the sky makes him completely miss the increasingly comical chaos occurring outside his door, which includes a monster truck, a firetruck, escaped monkeys, and carousing clowns. The boy bides his time and tries to wait patiently, but waiting is boring! As the hours go by and not a snowflake is seen, the boy begins to worry that it might NEVER snow again! That's no fun! If only he would notice all of the wacky events unfolding outside! Finally, when the boy is just about to give up, the long-awaited white stuff arrives with a single jubilant word - SNOW! All of his frustration instantly disappears, and the boy rushes outside declaring, "I knew it would snow! I knew it!" Still oblivious to the pandemonium around him, he concludes, "Nothing's as fun as snow!" Bursting with vibrancy and hilarious details, Just SNOW Already! captures children's love of snow - as well as the frustrating side of waiting - while offering a humorous lesson about living in the moment and noticing what's around you.

Just Snow Already! by Howard McWilliam

SKU: 9781947277984NH
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