Question marks matter; they matter indeed.


How else can you ask for the things you need, 


Except witha whole bunch of yelping and barks? 


But I've found you humans prefer question marks.


When you're bursting with news the world needs to hear, 


Explamation points help it come through loud and clear!


properly punctuate points that you make, 


And you'll be happier than I am witha thick, juicy steak!


in this book you'll not only get to practice punctuation but also learn how to make everything you write much more colorful. When the words you write are interesting to read, people will care about what you say. In addition, you'll learn some fascinating things along the way, such as the fact that President Thomas Jefferson served french fries in the White House. Who know? This grammer stuff might even be fun!

K12 Exercises in English Grammar for life Level D

  • Paperback

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