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Life can be hard sometimes...but through all the ups and downs, you can almost always find a way of light shining somewhere especially for you. It may emanate from a friend or loved one who is there to share your misfortune, or it may come from within in the form of your own personal strength and conviction.

The comforting messages of support and inspiration that comprise this wonderful collection encourage listening to your heart, turning to others for help when it's needed, and finding the courage and determination to carry on. If someone special in your life is struggling with a difficult time, this book is a perfect way to let hi or her know you care and that they are not alone. Hope is always near, and when you resolve to believe in yourself and take things one day at a time, brighter days and better tomorrows will emerge. Just remember...the path ahead may be diffiult...but it's going to be okay.

Life Can Be Hard Sometimes...but it's going to be okay

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