Well, well, well -- Look who’s back. I could have sworn I had scared you off with the team’s last spin-tingling adventure. I guess you’re made of tough stuff. We’ll see…


Access Granted.

Begin Transmission:


Nerds case File #2

The background

The last time we met the NERDS, a team of superspies operating out of their school basement, they were using their high-tech abilities to stop an evil genius from destroying the world


The Mug Shots

Now they’re up against one of their own - a former teammate determined to destroy them. His unlikely henchman? A computer genius who still lives with his mom.


Last Known Whereabouts

The evil duo manages to strip the spies of their incredible abilities. Cna Duncan “Gluestick” Dewey and the rest of the NERDS team fight evil using only old fashioned bravery and smarts?

Your Mission (should you not be allergic to it)

Help the NERDS stop their enemies by cracking the secret codes found in this case file. And whatever you do, don’t let it fall into enemy hands…

N.E.R.D.S M is for Mama’s Boy (book #2) by Michael Buckley

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