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You are holding a top secret NERDS case file. It contains highly classified information. So don't lose it, kay?


Meet the NERDS, a team of eleven year old super spies: Duncan "gluestick" Dewey.

He's a paste-eater who can stick to walls.

Ruby "Puferfish" Peet. 

Her allergies help her detect danger and dishonesty.

Heathcliff "Choppers" Hodges.

He controls minds with his buckteeth.

Julio "Flinch" Escala.

His hyperactivity gives hi super speed and strength.

Matilda "wheezer" Choi.

Her inhalers enable her to fly and blast enemies.

Jackson "Braceface" Jones.

the new recruit. This metal mouth is the team's go-to gadget only he can get over becoming a NERD.


Can this team of misfits save the world from their secret headquarters in the basement of their school? Can you read NERDS without laughing? Go ahead and try!

NERDS:National Espionage, Rescue, and Defense Society by Michael Buckley

SKU: 97808100989856UP
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