LyVyrile Spencer shines once again with her New York Times Bestseller November Of the heart. With the rich sensitivity that has touched each of her books, she captures the essence of true love in a special time and place...a lakeside resort in the breezy Summer of 1895, where love bloomed for two hearts from different worlds.


Lorna Barnnett ws from a wealthy St. Paul family; summers were spent at their second home, where her father was absorbed in his yacht racing, her sisters taken by the latest hairstyles. But at eighteen, Lorna wanted more… Jens Harken ws an odd-jobs man, hired to serve and be silent. But he dared to offer his services to a shipbuilder and be commissioned by Lorna’s father to build a racing yacht. And  as entered the Barnett’s privileged world, his heart fell for Lorna’s sweet innocent beauty. But as summer turned to fall, they weathered the tumult of a scandal that would change their lives forever- and shake the boundaries of a world of rigid expectations and unspoken desires.

November of the Heart by LaVyrile Spencer

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