Voices go slamming through the corridor of his wounded mind. The words of his dead sister cry out to him. His parents taunts fill the silent room where he sits and waits- waits for the murderous urge to come washing over him, filling him with strength, driving him to kill, to touch the cold fless, taste the warm blood- to feel alive again…


A  witness has seen him, but his killing only turns her on and now she wants to protect him. His wife suspects him, but the private detective she hired cannot stop him. Joe fears nothing - except that he may no longer be human. The thirst that drives him to his bloodletting is relentless. Moving deeper and deeper into his own shattering, private, realm, where each murder is a delirious new gift of life, where revulsion is beauty, and the obsession will never let him go. 

Obsessed by Rick R. Reed

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  • Paperback

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