Can Love overcome Life’s Disappointments?


Feeling trapped by the way life has boxed them in, four Oregonians step out to embrace new challenges. Still, love alone may not be enough to free their hearts.


Afraid to marry and have children after experiencing a mysterious illness, Courtney Adams sets out to find her birth parents.  Will the man of her dreams wait for her search to end-and accept the results?


After five years of widowhood, Alice Adams is giddy with the stirrings of new love. But is it too late in life for change when falling in love may require her to leave all that is comfortable and secure?


Numb form months spent watching his sister die, Aaron Walker suddenly moves across country in order to set aside his grief. Can a little girl and her mother awaken his deadened heart?


When his two nieces are abandoned at the family hazelnut farm and turn his life upside down, Woody Morgan attempts to hire his third housekeeper in six months. Will stubborn pride be a roadblock to happy  harvest of love?


With a small step of faith, can each of these lonely hearts find the freedom to love completely? Or will circumstances bind them to the past.

Oregon Breeze by Birdie Etchison

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  • Paperback