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Four girls caught in the shadows of the past…

Four extraordinary NEW YORK TIMES Bestselling novels-

Together for the first time.


BUTTERFLY...she was a lonely orphan until a wealthy couple gave her a home-and a chance to be a world-class ballerina. But her newfound happiness was as fragile as a spider’s web.


CRYSTAL… Bright and gifted with a flair for science, she found loving new parents, and a boyfriend in her new school. But a shocking tragedy could shatter her perfect world.


BROOKE...Whisked away from the orphanage into a glamorous life, she was surrounded by every privilege a girl could want. But all she really wanted was to be loved-just as she is.


RAVEN...She put her painful past behind her when she was taken in by her aunt and uncle. But the torment she was about to endure was far worse than anything she had experienced before.

Orphans (#1) by V.C Andrews

  • Paperback

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