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Eleven year old Otto wants a dog. His twelve year old sister Lexi, wants a cat. Their mother, who works very long hours, wants neither.


Otto begs and pleads and promises to take care of the dog. He’ll feed him twice a day, let him out, clean up after him. His mom won’t have to d a thing.


Lexi, on the other hand, does a ton of research on cats and presents it to their mom. She makes poster boards and graphics to highlight all the reasons cats are better pets.


But their mom has one question that stumps both Otto and Lexi: Who’s going to pay for everything? Pets are expensive.


Then Otto has a brilliant idea. He’ll earn the money to pay for a dog. Their mom almost says yes. Until Lexi opens her mouth. She suggests that whoever cfan raise enough money will decide which pet they get. Surprisingly their mom agrees.


Otto refuses to live with a cat. So for once in his life, he’s going to have to be better then Lexi at something. It’s going to take some serious creativity and plenty of cleverness to win this war, because Lexi isn’t about to lose to Otto. But earning money isn’t easy and war definitely isn’t pretty. Can Lexi and Otto survive the ugliness of batter, or will they ruin everything in their fight to defeat each other?


The battle lines have been drawn, so let the pet war begin…

Pet War,The by Allan Woodrow

  • Paperback

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