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Help us, Principal Rabbski. You’re our only hope.


In their fight against funTime, the tedious, elective-crushing test prep program, origami Yoda and the Rebel Alliance have found powerful allies in unexpected place. But the allegiance of one mysterious, all powerful figure remains to be seen: Principal Rabbaski. She says she’ll help the rebels, but how? The state standards tests are just a month away, and the FunTime Menace is as strong as ever.


With time running out, one rebel decides to take matters into her own hands. The rogue rebel’s code name? Princess Labelmaker! Convinced the Alliance’s case file will persuade Rabbski to join the Rebellion, Princess Labelmaker steals it and delivers it right to the principal herself! Will the case file convert the principal...or bring about the Alliance’s doom?

Princess Labelmaker to the Rescue (#5) by Tom Angleberger

SKU: 9781419714061UP
  • Paperback

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