Star Sailors by George Ivanoff

Future astronauts unite! Find out what it takes to be an astronaut!

2.5 week 5

Gr. M

Benchmark 28

Lexile 680


Computers Then and Now by thao Pham

Computers then and now.

Many people use computers now. But what were computers like long ago? Find out about computers long ago, today and even the future.

2.6 week 4

Gr. P

Benchmark 38

Lexile 620


Resources All Around us by Micheal Teitelbaum

Explore the Earth’s natural resources and how they help us in our everyday life.

3.4 week 3

Gr. M

Benchmark 28

Lexile 650


Let’s visit Space by Mario Garnsworthy

Travel through space in the safety of your own! What’s out there! Find out!

2.5 week 5

Gr. J

Benchmark 158

Lexile 450

Science is fun bundle (4 books)

  • Paperback

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