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Dawn can hardly believe she's a student at one of New York City's best music schools. Now her most precious wish, to become a singer, can come true.  But Dawn still dreams about Him, her strong, intense boyfriend, and the love and anguished secrets they share.


Then Michael Sutton arrives, a new teacher at the school, a singing star and the most wonderful-looking man Dawn has ever seen. Together they create a world of feeling Dawn has never known. In his embrace Dawn awakens to disturbing, unfamiliar desires, and Michael's promises offer a vision of music and romane forever...until he disappears.


Dazed by the cruelty, alone with the bitter fruit of his betrayal, Dawn becomes, once again, a victim of her grandmother's twisted schemes. Desolate, she clings to the tender hope that Jimmy will return and renew with her their deepest hearts' dream...

Secrets of the Morning (#2) by V.C Andrews

SKU: 0671695126UP
  • Gently Loved

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