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Iceland Is the Best Place on Earth to be a Woman-but why? 


For the past twelve years, the World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap Report has ranked Iceland number one on its of counties closing the gap in equality between en and women. What is it about Iceland that makes many woman's experience there so positive? Why has their society made such meaningful progress in the ongoing battle, from electing the world's first female president to passing legislation specifically designed to help even the playing field at work and at home? And how can we learn from what Icelanders have already discovered about women's powerful place in society and how increased fairness benefits everyone?


Eliza Reid examines her adopted homeland's attitude toward women-the deep-seated cultural sense of fairness, the influence of current and hostorical role models, and, crucially, the areas where Isceland still has room for improvement. Reid's own experience  as an immigrant from small-town Canada who never epected to become a First Lady is expertly interwoven with interviews with dozens of sprakkar ("extraordinary women"), forming the backbone of an illuminating discussion about what it means to move through the world as a woman and how the rules of society play more of a role in who we view as "equal" than we may understand. Secrets of the Sprakkar is a powerful and atmospheric portrait of a tiny country that could lead the way forward for us all.

Secrets of the Sprakkar by Eliza Reid

SKU: 9781728259413NP
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