M.G. Harasewych


Photography by Murray Alcosser


Recreatio Mentis et Oculi in Observatione Cochlearum (recreation from the Mind and the Eye in the obObservation of Shells) was the first text devoted solely to the study of shells. According to Buonanni, God placed seashells on the earth so that mankind in admiring their beauty would more fully appreciate the glory of God.


Centuries later, seashells continue to fascinate mankind, taking a prominent place among collectibles. Both malacologist (those who study shells) and holiday beachcombers diligently search the sandy and rocky coastlines around the world as well as the ocean depths for these “jewels from the sea.” The shells, whether used for scientific purposes or merely held to the ear to hear the roaring of the sea, are appreciated for their beauty and intricacy of form and function.


This stunning book has over six hundred shell specimens-many of them the finest examples of their kind int he world- drawn primarily from the William D. Bledsoe Collection recently donated to the national Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution. Arranging the shells in evolutionary order, from most primitive to most advanced, Dr. M.G. Harasewych discusses their origin, evolution, and diversity; and, Murray Alcosser captures these natural works of art in his magnificent color photographs.

Shells jewels from the Sea by H.G Harasewych and photographs by Murray Alcosser

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