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CINNAMON...She escaped her family's turmoil by dreaming of imaginary worlds. But it's her talent for the theater that gives cinnamon a chance... to truly escape.


ICE...To her mother's dismay, she was a silent wallflower, not the social butterfly. Now, her secret gift-her solid-gold singing voice- may become her saving grace.


ROSE... When she danced, she could dream-and when her father's secrets threatened to destroy her world, a most unlikely person gives Rose the courage to follow her heart.


HONEY...Raised on her strict grandfather's farm, her natural-born talent for the violin gave her a new life- and love with a handsome soul mate. Will a shocking revelation shatter her newfound happiness?

Shooting Stars (#1-4) by V.C Andrews

SKU: 0743449029UP
  • Gently Loved

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