They cast their destinies to the winds of desires…

The year is 1483. Lady Arabella Grey, young cousin of England’s King Richard III, possesses a striking beauty and willful spirit that promise to dearly challenge any man.Too innocent to know that even the most handsome face can hie a blackguard’s heart, she glories in her betrothal to Sir Jasper Keane, protector of Gfreyfaire Keep, her ancestral home on the treacherous Scottish border.


But as she speaks her wedding vows, the Scotsman Tavis Stweart, Earl of Dunmor, strides masterfully into the church, demanding his due for Jasper Keane’s murder of his fiancee. Bold and brash, he spirits Arabella over the border as his hostage, never anticipating that she might fire his fury as easily as she inflames his desire.


Irresistibly, deliciously, Arabella surrenders to her enemy with Fierce abandon- well aware that the greed of their warring lands threatens threatens all she holds dear and that there may be only one way to get what is rightfully hers

Spitfire, The by Bertrice Small

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