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In the witheringly witty saga of high society in the age of Greed, real-life socialite Sugar Rautbord takes you on a roller-coaster ride of glamorous parties, multimillion-dollar art scams, steamy affairs, high-stakes business deals, and secret intrigues-with scandalous results. Appropriately, Sweet Revenge begins at the lavish funeral of megamodel Fling-one of the millennium’s most fabulous faces and second wife of a flamboyant Manhattan mogul, the arch bastard Kingman Beddell. As Fling, an apparent suicide, is laid to rest, more than one of the mourners dreams of giving B3eddell his long deserved comeuppance…


From that provocative beginning, Sweet Revenge flashes back to chronicle the creation of a super fragrance, Fling!, and the rise to global stardom of the living, breathing symbol of sensual innocence bearing its name. When Fling falls head over heels for King Beddell, events are set in motion that will have the rich and famous hungering for sweet revenge, among them Baroness Fredericka von Strurm-a titled magnate’s exquisite consort and Fling’s dearest buddy since the days when he was just Fred Anne Randolph Beddell- King’s devoted first wife and ticket to the top, this fragile, Bourbonswilling Virginia aristocrat is saddled with a list of grievances as lengthy as her pedigree Mishima Itoyama the Tokyo-based moneylord with a passion for impressionist paintings, whom nobody crosses with impunity, not even the King of new York.


Models and makeup artists, Eurotrash and Southern gentry, charity benefits and ultra  chic-clubs, high fashion and designer drugs, hot fantasy and cold blood: Sugar Rautbord blends all these notes into the intoxicating scent of Sweet Revenge. If Bonfire of the Vanities sounded the death knell to the gilded eighties, Sweet Revenge sings the requiem.


Sweet Revenge by Sugar Rautbord

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  • Hardback

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